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What Documents Do I Need For Car Finance

What Documents Are Needed When Applying For Car Finance?

Before you apply for car finance it is important to know what documents you will need to help you get approved. Generally lenders will need to verify your identity and your current income plus proof of employment. Following is general information on what documents are needed when applying for car finance

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What are the repayments on a $20, 000 car

What are the repayments on a $20,000 car?

We often get asked what are the repayments on a $20,000 car. Here’s 3 different scenarios with different interest rates and car loan lengths to give you a good idea on what your weekly and monthly repayments would be. It is best to see what you can afford before you apply for car finance.

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Cheapest car finance nz compare car finance

Cheapest car finance NZ

Looking for the cheapest car finance NZ has to offer?

Find out how your interest rate is calculated and see a list of 10 top car finance providers in New Zealand, including their lowest car finance interest rate available and establishment fees.

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